History & Photos

Your first stop should be the Yaquina Lights site, the web home for a Newport-based whose mission is "restoration and preservation of Yaquina Bay and Yaquina Head Lighthouses and surrounding areas, and to interpret their natural and cultural histories.

The Oregon State Parks site includes essential visitor info and QuickTime movies of the lighthouse.

A fun page by the Sherwin-Williams company details the recent paint restoration of the lighthouse, plus an excellent history of the structure.

The Keepers of the Light pages includes many lighthouses from the West Coast, including Yaquina Bay.

The Oregon Lighthouses page has plenty of Yaquina Bay info and a couple of pictures.

The Lighthouse Getaway Network has a Yaquina Bay Lighthouse page, and many other lighthouses.

Get details about aquina Bay Lighthouse hauntings on the Oregon Legacy page.

Find a nice thumbnail gallery of Oregon lighthouses on Pete's Lantern Room, and lots of details on the U.S. Lighthouse Society.

There's good info, photo and a map of the Newport area on Yeastman's Corner.

Visit Lorne's Lighthouses for images and info on several Oregon lighthouses, including Yaquina Bay.

College of the Siskiyous has a page devoted to the Yaquina Bay Lighthouse.

Info and three thumbnailed images on Brian Taylor's vacation pages.

A photo, brief info and other lighthouse pages at Mitch's Lighthouse Corner.

The National Park Service has a historic resource inventory page for the Yaquina Bay Lighthouse.

Touring Nearby Attractions

The Newport Chamber Visitor Information pages are a good starting point for touring, restaurant and lodging info.

The Oregon Coast Aquarium is a world-class exhibition of North Pacific marine life, including sea lion and sea otter rookeries, aviary, tide pools, kelp forest tanks and a walk-through deep sea tank thick with sharks and rays.

The BLM manages the Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area, which features the Yaquina Head lighthouse, trails to rocky beaches and tide pools and a one-of-a-kind tide pool trail for wheelchair users.

The historic Old Newport Bayfront is a glimpse into the roots of this town, and a fine place to sample fresh seafood, shop the boutiques or even visit the kitchy wax museum and "Ripley's Believe it or Not".

The picturesque U.S. Coast Guard Station at Yaquina Bay is just over the hill from the lighthouse, and adjacent to the historic Newport bayfront.

Stuff to Buy

Carol Thompson has lovely Yaquina Bay Lighthouse Notecards on her site.

Gallery Direct art sells a framed watercolor painting of the lighthouse.

Scaasis Original Lighthouses as small replicas of the Yaquina Bay Lighthouse.

Harbour Lights sells limited edition replicas of the Yaquina Bay Lighthouse

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