Salmon River Gorge 1963 Naming Expedition Frustration Falls

 This rare, spectacular view of the falls shows five members of the 1963 OGNB naming expedition overlooking the narrow box canyon that Frustration Falls spills into. One member of the expedition is crossing a side creek that floats some 200 feet into the canyon in a wispy thread (this tributary is referred to as Little Frustration Falls in the 1983 expedition pages).

This is the only photo from the 1963 expedition that shows five members, and thus as least six members are thought to have made the trip. Though it is unknown how these explorers reached this spot in the Salmon River Gorge, the sheer cliffs to the left of the falls in this view suggest that the group did not approach from upstream.

 These photos are courtesy of the U.S. Forest Service, and may not be reproduced or used without photo credit