Salmon River Gorge 1963 Naming Expedition Frustration Falls

 This spectacular 55 foot falls is located just above Final Falls, and is the second of six named falls in the Salmon River Gorge. This rare photo shows three members of the 1963 OGNB naming expedition, and was taken from a precarious ledge across a narrow box canyon from the falls. In 1983, I interviewed a member of the expedition, Mr. Thomas Vaughan of the Oregon Historical Society. Though he remembered that the trip to Frustration Falls lived up to the name, he did not recall the specific route taken to this remote viewpoint, or whether ropes were used for their descent.

I was unable to locate a route to this spot in our 1983 expedition to the lower group of falls, but it has since been visited by kayakers who have explored the gorge during the past few years. This view shows low water in late summer on the Salmon, a stark contrast to the scene in April 1983, when this part of the lower gorge was a raging torrent of spring runnoff.

 These photos are courtesy of the U.S. Forest Service, and may not be reproduced or used without photo credit