Salmon River Gorge 1963 Naming Expedition Frustration Falls

 This spectacular 55 foot falls is located immediately above Final Falls, and is the second of six named falls in the Salmon River Gorge. It is aptly named for the difficulty in reaching the falls. Here, the Salmon River enters a narrow, vertical gorge, where cliffs on either side of the river rise hundreds of feet. This rare photo of the falls shows the stair steps that make up this rugged cataract. The logs scattered across the falls are huge, old growth trees that give mute testimony to the violent power of the Salem River during high water.

This photo was somehow taken from a point directly opposite the falls, from what - by all appearances - is a vertical, 200 foot cliff. I was unable to locate a route to this spot in a 1983 expedition to the lower group of falls. Frustration Falls can be seen from cliffs high above the gorge, yet the precarious scramble to the viewpoint has also claimed the life of at least one hiker who ventured too close to the dangerous cliffs.

 These photos are courtesy of the U.S. Forest Service, and may not be reproduced or used without photo credit