Salmon River Gorge March 1983 Expedition Stein Falls, Canyon View

This photo is the best glimpse of upper Stein Falls that the expedition was able to find. It is taken from the brink of the cliffs that ring the lower falls. It is unclear whether it is possible to safely reach the upper falls, given the sheer cliffs that rise on either side of the gorge here. From this view, a large, clear splash pool can also be seen at the base of the upper falls. This view also reveals a narrow rock channel and 20 foot upper tier to the lower falls that is not visible from below.

From here, the expedition returned to the Salmon River trail and back to civilization. On the return trip, the group marvelled at the presence of such a wild, unspoiled place just 40 miles from downtown Portland, and that the falls had been officially named only 20 years prior to our trip. We also made plans for our second expedition, to Final and Frustration falls, which we completed in April 1983.
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