Salmon River Gorge April 1983 Expedition Frustration Falls

Frustration Falls was aptly named for the difficulty in actually viewing this spectacular cataract. In this view, the falls is shrouded in trees as it thunders into a narrow box canyon at its base. The forest surrounding the falls is composed of massive, old-growth Douglas fir, western red cedar and western hemlock.

The 1963 Naming Expedition somehow managed to reach a point above the box canyon, directly opposite the falls. It is unclear how the group reached that point, or whether they descended the cliffs with the aid of ropes. The 1983 expedition was unable to locate a safe route from this bluff viewpoint, which suggests that the 1963 used another approach into the gorge. In researching the 1963 expedition, I have been unable to learn the actual route used to reach Frustration Falls.
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