Salmon River Gorge April 1983 Expedition Final Falls

This is the view from the exposed cliffs below the first high bluffs on the Salmon River Trail. The slope here is an unstable scree with little vegetation, and is particularly slippery. From this viewpoint, both Final Falls and Upper Final Falls can be seen. Comparisons with similar images from the 1963 Naming Expedition show that in the low water of late summer, the upper falls is reduced to less than one half that seen in this photo, while Final Falls continues to flow in a wide plume.

The 1963 Naming Expedition somehow managed to reach river level in this area, walking to the brink of the cliffs in the lower left of this image to photograph Final Falls. From this vantage point, it is unclear how the 1963 expedition reached the river without the aid or ropes and a dangerous rappel over unstable cliffs.
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