Upper Gorge Cloudburst
The conditions from our first day back at Henline Creek were so perfect for photography -- and our time so short -- that Greg Lief and I made a second trip to the upper waterfalls two days later, hoping to capture more photos under similar conditions. Unlike the first day of our 2006 photo trek, the weather was mixed on this segment of the trip. After initial worries about too much sun, we were soon drenched under a two-hour thunderstorm as we slogged up the Ogle Mountain Trail, then down the abandoned spur that leads to upper Henline Creek. Greg photographed the beautiful scene, below, where the abandoned trail reaches the creek.
Given the soggy conditions, we opted to head upstream and focus our efforts on Jackie and Steve Falls. Along the way, Greg captured the sylvan scene of Henline Creek, just below Jackie Falls, where the stream flows through a maze of ancient forest downfalls.

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