The Fearsome Threesome
Our third trip to Family Falls came in June 2006, three years after the last trip. In the intervening years, we had been focused on Apparition Falls, but now wanted to close out some loose ends at Henline Creek. The purpose of this trip was to revisit all of the waterfalls in the hidden upper gorge in order to better photograph the scenes, and perhaps find the illusive Maynard's Cave. In a stroke of good luck, Ted Leybold and I had run into Maynard Drawson a few days before the trip, and he was thrilled to hear that we were going back for another visit!
This trip included (above, from left) Ted, Greg Lief and Tom Kloster (the author). As with earlier trips in 2002 and 2003, the route began with a stop at Henline Falls...

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