Steve & Jackie Falls

  The climb around Jackie Falls (dropping into its narrow gorge, in the foreground) revealed Steve Falls (background), the last of eight waterfalls discovered by Maynard Drawson, Steve Falls is a graceful cascade that drops 55 feet into Henline Canyon. Matthew and Ted ventured closer to the falls, and their tiny outlines can be seen to the left of the huge green log at the base of the falls, just above the lowest hemlock bough in this image.

From this final vantage point, it was also clear that the magnitude of Jackie Falls must increase dramatically when stream flow is higher -- a second channel of the falls is visible in the lower foreground of this view (where the rock is polished and free of moss) and a third channel appears to the right, at the edge of this photo. These must combine for a spectacular sight in early spring, as all three segments pour side-by-side into the narrow cavern that contains Jackie Falls!



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