Waterfall Stampede!
The mission for this trip was to follow Alan Hussey's path to Maynard's Cave, the illusive "hole in the cliff" that we had been looking for since our first visit to Henline Creek. Alan found the tiny cave June 2006, and contacted me about his discovery. We immediately planned a return to the cave... with a few companions! Alan's 2006 photos of Maynard's Cave are the first documented visit since Maynard Drawson wrote about them 35 years ago.

The fourth trip up Henline Canyon turned out to be the largest group yet! Kneeling from left: Rory Nichols, Greg Lief and Ted Leybold; standing from left: Tom Kloster (the author), Karl Langenwalter, Matt Reeder, Andy Prahl and Alan Hussey. This trip account includes a number of photos taken by others, and they are credited accordingly. However, Ted Leybold took all of the action images that are not otherwise credited on my little pocket camera, with great results - thanks, Ted!

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