Oliver V. Matthews and Maynard C. Drawson in 1973

MAYNARD C. DRAWSON is a native Oregonian, born in Portland he has lived in Salem since a small child. His love of the Oregon Country became full blown after returning home from three and a half years in the United States Navy during World War II. These years included travels through much of the United States. He spent two years in the combat zones of the Central Pacific as a radar man on the heavy cruiser U.S.S. Boston.

Upon returning home he was convinced that the Pacific Northwest, the original Oregon Country, is the greatest spot on earth and he has endeavored to learn as much about his homeland as possible, hoping to share his discoveries and re-discoveries with a series of "treasure" stories. An avid fisherman, outdoorsman, tree hunter, and history buff, Maynard has explored much of the Oregon Country and finds its treasures unending.

He uncovers something or someone of interest wherever he roams. People are a very special interest in his continuing research and he finds that pioneering individuals are still among us with fascinating tales crying to be told.

Oliver V. Matthews, a big tree enthusiast, provided the spark that helped Maynard become one of the leading authorities on the location of outstanding or record trees in the Oregon Country. His boundless energy assures us that Treasures of the Oregon Country is just a beginning in the literary field.

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Copyright 1973 Maynard C. Drawson Reformated and reprinted on the web in 2003 with permission from Maynard Drawson