You'll need a Northwest Forest Pass to hike on the Eagle Creek trail. The pass costs $5 for a day, and can be purchased at the trailhead, or at vendors listed on the Northwest Forest Pass web page.
Check out the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area pages for info on Eagle Creek and other trails in the Gorge.
Bonneville Dam is located near the mouth of Eagle Creek, and was the first dam built on the Columbia River. There are extensive visitor facilities here, a large picnic area, and a chance to watch salmon climbing the fish ladders.
The newly-restored Historic Columbia River Highway is a world-class engineering feat that was artfully carved into the walls of the Gorge in the early 1900s. You can walk portions near Eagle Creek, or drive other sections that trace cliffs high above the modern highway.
The town of Hood River is an outdoor recreation mecca, with windsurfers pretty much taking over the place from spring through fall. There are plenty of other things to do, though, and you can start by visiting the Hood River County Chamber of Commerce pages, which include lots of travel tips.
...and if you're traveling in the Columbia Gorge, don't miss Troop 5's "Let's Talk About Poison Oak" pages, complete with identification photos, tips for avoiding contact, taking pets into poison oak areas and what to do if you get the dreaded red, bumpy skin..!

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