Eagle Creek Trail Tunnel Falls

The approach to Tunnel Falls is abrupt and startling. After traversing high cliffs and broad scree slopes high above the river, the trail suddenly enters a massive amphitheater where the Wahtum Lake fork of Eagle Creek drops 200 feet over the sheer cliff. Most amazing is the fact that the trail is carved into the face of the cliff, halfway up, and passes behind the falls in a noisy, dripping tunnel carved through solid basalt. The hikers in this photo are not only 100 dizzying feet up from the splash pool, but also 100 sheer feet below the brink of the falls - this is Eagle Creek at it's best!

A word of warning to timid hikers who have made it this far: a short section of trail just outside the tunnel (roughly where the hikers in this photo have just walked) is VERY narrow, and the hand cable seems better aligned as a toe hold than for nervous hands. If you've made it this far, keep in mind that this particular cliff, and the next set are extremely exposed!

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