Eagle Creek Trail Loowit Falls

Loowit Falls whispers down a 100 foot cliff into a perfect pool along Eagle Creek. Almost perpetually in shade, Loowit is typical of the hundreds of smaller, mostly unnamed Columbia Gorge waterfalls, sliding quietly over black, fern-lined basalt.

Loowit is one of the Indian names for Mt. St. Helens. Indian mythology holds that Loowit was once the obsession of competing chiefs WyEast (Mt. Hood) and Pahto (Mt. Adams). In their fiery volcanic rivalry, the spoken tradition holds that the ground literally shook and a natural bridge across the Columbia near the mouth of Eagle Creek was destroyed, forever isolating Wyeast from the lovely Loowit.

In fact, a historic landslide created the "Cascades" of the Columbia, and probably blocked the river temporarily, as the original "Bridge of the Gods." These rapids gave the Cascade Range their name, and were the reason for the locks at Cascade Locks. Today, they are submerged by the slackwater of Bonneville Dam.

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