Apparition Falls!

The final bend left us on a narrow, rock fin that rose a sheer 150 feet above Cast Creek. From this vantage, we were looking at the dramatic twin cataracts of Apparation Falls through a thin veil of cedar boughs. The base of the falls would require ropes and a very quick visit, since we were running out of daylight. The group decided to send Matthew and Ted to the base of the falls, while the rest waited on the cliff top. Matthew would record close-up images of the scene on the OPB hand-held video camera and Ted on my digital camera.

Mathew set up a 200-foot rope traverse, and both were quickly at the bottom of the canyon, absorbing the spectacular scene. The images above were taken by Ted. Both were awestruck by the size and uniqueness of the falls from their closeup encounter. The rest of the group could not help but envy their vantage point at the base of the falls, but the decision to watch our time was the only safe option - though both Todd and I considered last minute trips down the rope traverse for the view!