The Little Gorge

"Disappointment Falls" (left) is a pretty, 30-foot slide that marks the lower entrance to the box canyon that we hoped was guarding Apparition Falls. From the scramble up the east side of the canyon, we reached an airy overlook of the box canyon, and the creek far below. Yet another falls appeared at the head of the canyon (left). Could this be the base of Apparition Falls? Then, a mishap: Greg's camera pack tumbled over the cliff, dropping to the stream below. It would take ropes to retrieve it. From here, Matthew scouted ahead, and identified the small drop as a "little gorge falls" over two-way radio, and not the base of Apparition Falls. Moments later he radioed back with excitement in his voice: "I'm looking at the awesome base of Apparition Falls"!

Energized, the group decided to leave the retrieval of Greg's camera gear for the return trip, and make a dash for the falls. We were running out of light, and everyone sensed the urgency to reach our goal. We continued up the canyon wall, and met Matthew, who had returned to guide us through the steep traverse above the "Little Gorge" section.