Cape Disappointment

Beyond the fifth crossing of Cast Creek, a massive rock wall appeared upstream. A cool breeze also floated down the canyon, and the unmistakable crash of a waterfall could be heard. Was this Apparition Falls?

Below, Matthew scrambles to the base of the cliff, and around a small falls for a view into a narrow gorge that suddenly blocked our path. His expression revealed the worst: we were at a dead-end.

Below, Ted (left) joins Matthew for a peek into the frothing canyon. A larger, 30-foot falls drops from the narrow gorge, explaining the thundering sound and mist that we had hoped to be a sign of Apparition Falls. Instead, we found ourselves wondering: was a way past "Cape Disappointment"?

Matthew confers with Jim (below) about the prospects for scaling the east side of the canyon, and traversing cliffs ahead as Todd shoots the dramatic canyon scene. The OPB crew is game for climbing the steep canyon wall in search of a passage to the falls.